Business VoIP & Data Consultants


About TSI

Single Source Solution Provider

Tele-Solutions is your single source for all your voice, data and network needs. Our in-house specialists are capable of providing everything from relevant recommendations for system planning and network design to the implementation, training and long term maintenance program for your equipment.

Our team approach streamlines and simplifies interaction with your local telephone company, long distance carrier and equipment manufacturer. We act on your behalf to correct voice and data transmission-related problems regardless of the trouble’s origin.


Communication Solutions from the Ground Up

Tele-Solutions has powerful core communications platforms specifically designed to meet the complex needs of medium and enterprise organizations while being nimble enough to integrate easily. We provide tools for improving productivity and efficiency and ensuring a tangible return on your communications investment.

With over 28 years of successfully implementing solutions to meet our customer’s ever-changing business needs, TSI has the know-how to design, implement and maintain even the most complex of Voice and Data Applications.


Data Network Design & Implementation

For enterprises looking to invest, build and maintain a converged communications system, finding a vendor that understands their business is pivotal to success. TSI works to develop the best solution and services to meet our customer’s needs. We realize that we need to be in tune with not just the technology but also with customer’s staff, product offerings, markets, offices and competition.

Tele-Solutions specializes in understanding how our customers’ businesses operate, allowing us to design solutions tailored to our individual clients.

Tele-Solutions is your number one business VoIP company for the best voice, data, and network products and solutions on the market. Providing anything from powerful core communications platforms to tools for improving your company’s efficiency and productivity, to even some of the best business VoIP solutions for streamlining your data and network needs, we have all you need to make sure your company can survive in the 21st Century. Truly, with over 28 years of experience successfully providing solutions to meet your ever-changing business needs, Tele-Solutions is the telecom provider you need to improve on your business VoIP implementations.

What we Provide

In addition to a proven approach that streamlines and simplifies interaction with your long distance carrier, telephone company, and equipment manufacturers, as a Telecom company, we also provide a host of great products and services that guarantee efficiency and a tangible return on your investment. Included with these are:

  • Mitel MiVoice Office: MiVoice office enables companies of all sizes to combine their voice system and data network. This produces a cost-effective telecom environment, streamlining your communications and delivering a hybrid digital and IP communications platform. Not only does this save you money over the long run, it can help connect offices and applications over a data network while also deploying IP and digital phones to on-site employees.
  • A Wide Variety of Phones: From the Mitel MIVoice 5360 IP Phone to the Mitel MiVoice Conference Unit UC360, we offer some of the best business phones in the industry. They provide easy access to the services offered by MiVoice office as well as a host of business specific needs—such as multiple lines and easy conference calling—so you don’t have to worry about having software or hardware that can or can’t support certain features. For a business phone company, you can do no better.
  • Product Training: Whether you are purchasing one of our incredible software options, or you are simply here to buy some great phones for your small to mid-size business, our product training services can make sure that you and your employees know precisely how to use them to their greatest extent.
  • VOIP Phone Systems: Without a doubt, VOIP is the way of the future; fortunately, many of our phones come with VOIP capability. Even better, you’ll have access to some of the best and most advanced VOIP functionalities around; call today to learn more about our VOIP phone company options.

Why Tele-Solutions?

At the end of the day, Tele-Solutions offer business VoIP solutions that give businesses an easy way to communicate, no matter how far away your clientele or employees happen to be. But, almost every telecom company out there can provide that; what makes us different is the way we do it. With high quality networking solutions, some of the best phone products on the market, and an all or nothing approach to telecom that can correct voice and data transmission problems, regardless of the trouble’s origin, it’s easy to see why so many choose Tele-Solutions. We know what you need, and we can make sure those necessities become a reality!

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